New Town Website Launches Tomorrow

From The Desk Of The Systems Administrator

The old website dates back to 2018, a lot has changed in the past 5 years and it was time for an upgrade. I am proud to announce that the Town's new website will be launched tomorrow 10/19.  The new website has a clean modern look with improved navigation and the following improvements over the old website:

  • Able to be translated in 70+ languages 
  • Visual Accessibility tools built in as well as ADA Compliance
  • Usability improvements to ensure timely and accurate information updates 
  • A new community section featuring all our Town has to offer
  • A document center which contains the agendas and meeting minutes all in one place
  • Multiple calendars which will now include community events
  • Integrated Google search
  • Advanced E-Notify system, more granular control of the news and alerts you receive from the town
  • much much more!

While the website will change tomorrow, there will be a few growing pains associated with the switch that I feel the need to inform you of:

  • If you are a current news/alerts subscriber you will be added to the new websites E-Notify System under the same categories as before. You will receive an email from our new vendor Revize to confirm this subscription. Please do so if you want to continue receiving the newsletter(s). You can adjust your subscriptions at any time.
  • The SSL certificate takes a few hours to be issued after the switch. This means that the website might show an error about not being secured. This is normal and will be resolved ASAP. 
  • The integrated google search will include wrong results initially but will become more and more accurate as google crawls our new website. Search should be fully functional within a week or so. Hopefully the new layout and navigation will make the search not as necessary as on the old website. 

I would like to thank all of the town employees who have taken the time to make this website as good of a resource as it can be for our residents and visitors.  As always I welcome feedback / suggestions (sent through the new website of course!) and if you have a picture of this beautiful town send them my way and it may make it on the website.