Engineering Technician I Position Open

The Town of Niskayuna is currently looking to hire an Engineering Technician I.
This full-time union position has a pay range of $52,100-$72,300 with scheduled annual pay increases. There
is opportunity for growth into positions of higher pay and responsibility. The job includes full benefits, offering
health, vision and dental insurance, paid time off, and is part of the NYS retirement system.
Applicants need to have graduated from a regionally accredited or New York State registered two year college
with an Associates Degree in Mechanical, Electrical or Civil Engineering Technology, Drafting, Land Surveying
or a related field; or any degree with significant course work in any of the following studies: Environmental
Science, Hydrology, Geology, GIS, OR Graduated from high school or possession of a high school
equivalency diploma with course work in geometry and trigonometry and two years of experience as a helper
on an engineering project which shall have involved the use of geometry, trigonometry, or mechanics.

Contact the Superintendent of Water & Sewer Matt Yetto at or (518)386-4525

From Civil Service Job Description:
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASS: This position involves responsibility for performing elementary
technical engineering work. Employees are first assigned tasks of a routine, mechanical nature but the
difficulty of assignments is progressively increased to eventually involve the application of elementary
engineering techniques and the use of engineering instruments on routine work. The duties involve
responsibility for the efficient performance of technical work and for the accurate presentation of the facts for
use by professional engineers in the development of plans and operations. Work assignments are received
from higher ranking employees, accompanied by specific instructions and direct supervision until routines are
thoroughly mastered. The incumbent does related work as required.
Performs tasks required of MS4 permit including inspections of storm drain retention ponds, storm drain outfalls,
SWPPPs and erosion and sediment control of sites;
Makes basic environmental and engineering computations and checks the computations of others;
Coordinates with residents and Building and Planning Department on permit applications;
Reviews proposed plans of residential improvements for grading, drainage, groundwater, pools, and septic
Maintains and manages data for GIS mapping system of Town infrastructure;
Operates a level to identify and record grades and elevations;
Collects and updates GPS data of Town facilities including storm sewers, sanitary sewers, and water mains;
Performs a variety of basic level technical engineering tasks in the Department of Engineering, Water and Sewer;
Performs a variety of related duties as required.
Good knowledge of high school geometry and trigonometry; working knowledge of the principles, techniques and
practices of land survey; working knowledge of simple engineering instruments, equipment and practices; ability to
use GPS, mechanical and computer aided drawing instruments and mathematical tables; ability to understand and
carry out technical oral and written instructions; mechanical aptitude.