Water and Sewer Maintenance Worker

The Town of Niskayuna is currently looking to hire a Water and Sewer Maintenance Worker.

This full-time union position has a starting hourly rate of $23.01 with available overtime, potential to earn additional stipends, and scheduled annual pay increases. There is opportunity for growth into positions of higher pay and responsibility. The job includes full benefits, offering health, vision and dental insurance, paid time off, and is part of the NYS retirement system. 

Applicants need one year of experience in plumbing work or in the maintenance of a public or private water distribution and sewage collection system; and must possess a CDL at the time of appointment and maintain such license throughout the tenure of appointment.

Contact the Superintendent of Water & Sewer Matt Yetto or (518)386-4525

From Civil Service Job Description:

DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASS:  This is manual work involving responsibility for performing a variety of preventative maintenance, repair and installation activities in the extension, maintenance and repair of the municipal water distribution and sewage collection system.  Employees may also be assigned other duties in the department such as servicing, replacing and reading water meters, and inspecting and maintaining hydrants.  The work is performed under the direct supervision of a higher level supervisor with leeway allowed for the exercise of independent judgment in carrying out the technical details of the job.  Supervision over the work of others is not a responsibility of employees in this class.  The incumbent does related work as required.


  • Makes taps on water mains for customer services and for installing valves, gates and fire lines;
  • Locates leaks, installs clamps and sleeves and makes other emergency repairs;
  • Cleans, checks, evaluates and maintains pumping station and equipment to ensure continuous operation;
  • Installs, repairs and resets hydrants, valves, meters, pumps, related water distribution equipment, catch basins and storm drainage systems;
  • Installs lines from water main to curb stop;
  • Operates mechanical equipment including backhoe, loaders, air compressors, drills, pumps, generators, vacuums, rodders, jetters and welders torches;
  • Digs trenches for service lines, water mains, drainage and catch basins;
  • May read, replace and repair water consumption meters;
  • Mows lawns, plows snow, collects rubbish and litter to keep clear access to pumping stations, hydrants, catch basins, storm drainage systems etc;
  • May perform minor custodial duties;
  • May clean sludge drying beds at sewage plant;
  • Responds at all times to emergency repair calls;
  • Raises or lowers manholes for paving purposes;
  • Checks, cleans and repairs sewer lines;
  • May climb water tower and tanks to inspect facilities and perform maintenance;
  • May enter various permit required certified spaces to maintain, repair or replace facilities;
  • Performs a variety of related duties as required.

FULL PERFORMANCE KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, ABILITIES AND PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS:  Good knowledge of the common practices, principles, terminology and safety precautions used in the maintenance and extension of a municipal water distribution and sewage collection system; good knowledge of the use of tools and equipment required in the construction and repair of a municipal water and sewage system; ability to perform heavy manual labor for extended periods, occasionally under adverse weather conditions; willingness to report for emergencies; ability to understand and carry out oral and written instructions; dependability.