Tree Council

The Tree Council is a board that was created to help preserve the quality and character of the natural environment in Niskayuna in recognition that trees, shrubs and associated vegetation are an important natural resource. The Tree Council’s mission is to ensure trees and their associated practical and aesthetic benefits are assured for future generations of Town residents to enjoy. They are in charge of creating a Street Tree Master plan and they work on inventorying the trees that are currently established in Niskayuna. They review development plans for the Planning Board and advocate for retaining existing trees, adding additional plantings and increasing species diversity / using native species whenever possible. They organize Arbor Day and manage the Town’s status as a Tree City. They try to work with the Highway Department on Spring and Fall planting projects, maintain a website with information for residents on how to plant and maintain trees, and also work on a variety of different public outreach projects. Usually meets on the second Thursday of the month at 6pm.

More information about the Niskayuna Tree Council can be found at

Council Members
Name Title Term
Carol Carey Chairwoman 2023
Amanda Matuszyk   2025
Jonathon Marr   2024
Amy Sarah LaMena   2024
Jeffrey Corbin   2024
Leo Fleishman   2025
Laura Robertson, AICP Town Planner