Pesticide Free Pledge Program

The Niskayuna Town Board and the Conservation Advisory Council have initiated a pesticide free pledge program that residents can join! It is a pledge to stop using synthetic chemicals on their lawns and gardens.

Why Go Pesticide-Free?
 For Healthy Families and Pets

Why put kids and pets at risk?
From lawn applications to products stored in cabinets or garages, pesticides and loved ones do not mix. Residential pesticide use is associated with a higher risk of leukemia, other cancers, and brain tumors in children. The American Academy of Pediatrics, Pesticide Exposure in Children, and accompanying technical report, strongly supports reducing children’s exposure to pesticides. Protect your family and pets by managing pests without harmful pesticides.

For Healthy Bees and Butterflies
Food, fruit, and flowers – does life have anything sweeter to offer? According to the journal PLOS One, many bees, butterflies and insects are threatened by worrisome population declines due to the use of pesticides. This affects many of the fruits and vegetables we enjoy, as well as many of our native plants. 

For Clean Water in Local Streams
When we spray weed killer or put synthetic chemicals on our lawn, we usually are not thinking about New York's streams, fish, swimming holes, and drinking water. Even a tiny fraction of an applied pesticide can cause problems if it ends up in streams and groundwater. Protecting our water from harmful chemical-laden runoff by avoiding pesticide use on your lawn and garden can make a HUGE difference.

For a Healthy Lawn
Watch the “Growing a Great Lawn” seminar put on at Town Hall by David Chinery of the Cornell Cooperative Extension and listen for tips on overseeding, mowing and other ways to keep your lawn looking great without chemicals.

Together we can make a difference. Take the pledge today