Organic Lawncare

Organic Lawn Care best-practices are a great way to maintain your yard without the use of harmful chemicals. Over-seeding, adding compost, and organic weed control can keep your lawn looking amazing, and it will be safer for kids and pets, chemicals won't leach into the water supply, and it's more sustainable in the long rung. 

Growing Lawn Video Pic

Watch the “Growing a Great Lawn” seminar put on at Town Hall by David Chinery of the Cornell Cooperative Extension and listen for tips on overseeding, mowing and other ways to keep your lawn looking great without chemicals.

Cornell University Cooperative Extension has a great guide to Lawn Care without Pesticides HERE

The Conservation Advisory Council has also put together month by month guides for treatments you should do to keep a healthy organic lawn: 

February - March
April - May
June - July - August
September - October - November