Natural Resources Inventory

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What is a Natural Resources Inventory?
A Natural Resource Inventory is a document that inventories the natural resources of an area, both physical (e.g., geology) and biological (e.g., forests), and provides a foundation for municipal land-use and conservation planning. Historical resources are also included.

Why is an NRI important?
  • The NRI ensures that town natural assets preserved and protected.
  • The NRI will ensure that the town builds on current open space infrastructure in a deliberate and effective manner.

A complete and up‐to‐date inventory is critical for communities managing municipal lands and plans, developing ordinances or overlay zones, and reviewing development projects, because maintaining the integrity and ecological health of natural areas is an important goal for many residents in the Town of Niskayuna and is also a key part of preventing the release of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that are associated with development. In addition, certain natural, undeveloped areas serve as a buffer against some types of extreme weather that are increasing with climate change.

Why is Green Space Important ?
Compelling research shows that green space is vitally important for human health and well-being. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal summarized the major health benefits of time spent in Nature - ranging from lowering of blood pressure to a boost in anticancer cells .

How can you participate?
  • The Working Group meets once a month. And we need volunteers! 
  • Time commitment is flexible – contribute as you are able to
  • Email if you are interested.
Phase 1 of the NRI
The Conservation Advisory Council, with the help of a Niskayuna Community Foundation Mini-Grant, conducted the first phase of a Natural Resource Inventory in 2021 and presented the final document to the Town Board in the summer of 2022. The full document can be downloaded here: 

  Pages from Niskayuna NRI2 7.22  Phase 1 NRI 

Phase 2 of the NRI
The Conservation Advisory Council, with the help of a grant from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) through their Mohawk River Watershed program, has begun to work on the second phase of the Town's Natural Resource Inventory and is conducting a series of public outreach events for the public to attend the surveys of these public properties and give input on what they like preserved.

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