Alarm Systems

All alarms are required to be registered with the Police Department every year and must pay an annual renewal fee as per Town Code 

Chapter 55 Alarm Systems, Emergency

  1. All emergency alarms require registration with the Town of Niskayuna Police Department at the time of installation and annually thereafter.
  2. Every person who is the owner of or who is in charge of premises on which an emergency alarm system is installed shall register such emergency alarm device with the Town of Niskayuna Police Department on or before April 1 of each year.
  3. There will be an annual registration fee for all emergency alarms, to be established and revised from time to time by resolution of the Town Board. The registration fee will be based on a fee schedule according to the alarm termination option.
  4. If the alarm is installed after June 30, the annual fee will be half for the year of installation and then will revert to the full fee thereafter.
  5. If there is a change of ownership or person in charge of the premises, the new owner or person in charge of the premises is required to complete the emergency alarm system registration form and pay any pending fees before use of the alarm.
  6. Any unpaid alarm registration fees shall be assessed as a lien against the subject property and added to the owner's property taxes.

New Alarms
Homeowners and Businesses installing a new alarm must contact the building department for a permit prior to having an alarm installed.

New Homeowners with an existing alarm system
Change of property ownership, the new owners are required to complete the Registration for Emergency Alarm System Form and pay any pending fees before they use the alarm.

False Alarms
Please take note of the false alarm fee information here. All alarm fees are due upon receipt of bill.

*Any alarm fees not paid by November 15 of the current calendar year will be added to property taxes. 

Alarm Forms
Alarm Fees
Registration for emergency Alarm System Form

Online Payments
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