Small Claims

In order to file a small claim, the person or corporation whom you are suing must either live, work or have an office in the Town of Niskayuna. The address you provide the court must be one that is located in the Town and cannot be a PO Box.

The amount of your claim can not exceed $3,000. The filing fee is $10.00 if your claim is for $1,000 or less, and $15.00 if it is over $1,000.  A link to the form is below.

You may file the paperwork at the Court Office during normal business hours. Corporations and partnerships may not file small claims in the town court. The Court may hear cases brought by DBA's provided they show proof that they are in fact a DBA.  For more information you may pick up "A Guide to Small Claims Court in the NYS City, Town and Village Courts" at the Court office, or you may download the booklet online.